Connect to attendees through Crowdvine, a social network designed specifically for the ONS 35th Annual Congress. Through this interactive platform, you’ll be able to get talk to speakers and other attendees, share information about sessions, make plans to meet up with friends and colleagues, and leave messages for other attendees. You can even use it to connect to San Diego locals to discover the best restaurants and shopping the city has to offer!


Tammy Miller posted Manager network

I am relatively new to the nurse manager role. I managed 40 employees on a medical oncology unit. I would love to meet similar nurses

Jill Sauer: I have been in the role for several years and would love to meet up at the conference. I love to hear about different programs and how you manage the day to day operations.
Sylvia MacManus BSN, RN, OCN : I have been in the role since 2006. I would love to meet nurse managers.
Jill Sauer: Are you going to be at the conference on Sunday? I will be attending the talk on sexuality and young adults. Would still love to connect.

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toni gerow posted carcinoid talk

does anyone know the venue for the novartis talk tonite at 630?

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My organization lacks organization in tracking chemo treatment. We get admits neutropenia etc, and our only source of information on treatment history comes from the patient and family, who are most often unsure. Obviously we're lacking in the patient education department and I'm working on that... Does anyone use a resource to track cancer treatment that follows the patient throughout their care?

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Deborah Braccia posted Congress

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Congress!

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Carrie Smith posted Tweet Your Congress Experience

Excitement for the ONS 35th Annual Congress is building! Make sure to tweet about your experience using the hashtag #Congress2010. Attending The Facebook Age: How to Use (and not use) Social Media to Improve Patient Caring? Use the hashtag #ONSsocialmedia to chat with other attendees and those watching from home.

Eric Cohen: No Question Mark after Patient Caring! We can definitely improve the patient experience with social media. Don't believe that? Come to the presentation and debate us! #ONSsocialmedia

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Mary Lee Gates posted GLBT Focus Group Thursday 1130am

ONS Congress 2010 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Issues Focus Group Hello Everyone, For those of you attending ONS Congress next week in San Diego, I would like to invite you to attend the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Issues Focus group meeting. It will be held: Thursday, May 13, 2010 San Diego Convention Center Room 15B 11:30am - 12:45pm Please come prepared to discuss any ideas about how to make our group a more visible and active p... [read more]

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Arlene Nanry, RN, OCN posted I'm close to the Finishline!!

I flew from Rochester, New York to Los Angles,Ca last Saturday. I'm visting with family until Wednesday morning when I take the train down to San Diego,Ca for Congress.

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Calling all animal lovers who want to visit the Zoo pre-Congress as a herd. I have done a little research and the zoo is about 9 minutes/3.4 miles from the hotel. The Park, unfortunately is 40 mins/34 miles away. The Zoo sound more doable. Admission is $37 and it’s open until 6PM however I read 5 PM last week when I checked. Maybe someone can confirm that if you are interested. The earliest I could leave the hotel is, well, not exactly sure - may... [read more]

Wilma Sage: Hi Beth, I would be interested in a trip to the zoo. I also will have two roommates who might be interested also. So, will meet at 2pm in the lobby near the door on Wednesday afternoon. Thanks, Wilma Sage
Beth Mena: Great to see Wilma and maybe friends interested. Wilma comes from IN, we are getting more states by the week! I will try to summarize w/e before. I signed up for a couple more dinner lectures tonight from ONS Edge and CURE Magazine -CURE always has a... [read more]
Beth Mena: Hello everyone interested in going to the zoo! These are the names of nurses who may join us for the trip to the zoo. Nancy Noonan - my friend from MA, Barbara head from KY, Wilma Sage and 2 friends from IN, Ellen Lewis -forgot where you live-sorry, ... [read more]

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Teresita Pasalo posted Midline

Would it be okay to make it standard on certain acceptable diagnosis to place midline?It saves nurses time to re start IVs , it can be decided later to just exchange wire when MD thinks of long term antibiotics. Patient comfort is important. However, this needs very good care from the floor nurses to really pay attention to the care of this midline. Sepsis, blood clot , can happen. Will the benefit outweigh the complications that can happen? As t... [read more]

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I am interested in connecting with those who share a focus on young adult cancer patients and their families. I am a psychiatric nurse with an interest in psycho-oncology. I am interested in connecting with those who share that interest.

Eric Cohen: Hi Mary, I work with the YA Population and would be happy to meet up with you. I'll also be doing a talk on using Social Media on Saturday at 2.30. Hope to see you there!
Deb Echtenkamp: Hi Mary, I work with adolescents and young adults in my practice as well. It would be great to connect at conference. I am hoping to attend Eric's presentation on Saturday...but you could also catch up with me at the APHON booth #740. I look forward ... [read more]

Thu, May 6 at 3:28PM (2 comments)

Do we need any confirmation other than a receipt to attend the conference? My employer registered me, and I received the receipt, but from past congress attendance, I thought I received something in order to sign in once I arrive. Does anyone know?

Gynisha Peeks: Hi Shelly, You should have received an email on 4/28 - with the subject line, Reminder - ONS Congress Registration Information 2010. This is your confirmation that you will need to bring with you to the Scan & Go Check-In desk onsite. There is a bar ... [read more]
Shelly Walter: Thank you. I think I did receive that email, I'll need to go look through my archives. Thank you so much!

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Gynisha Peeks posted Clinical Chat

Don't forget to stop by the ONS booth #1231 on Friday, May 14th. Marty Polovich will be there to talk about ONS / ASCO Chemotherapy Safety Guidelines at 8:30am and the speakers from the Bench to Bedside session, Gayle Jameson and Daniel Von Hoff will be there around 10:15 to talk about Hunting Hedgehogs. Don't miss out!

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We wanted to remind you that Pre-Congress sessions will be paperless. This means that we will not be providing printed session handouts for conference attendees, but providing all slides, references, and additional materials online. The Pre-Congress slides are available online so check them out on the Conference Itinerary Builder at

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We wanted to remind you that Pre-Congress sessions will be paperless. This means that we will not be providing printed session handouts for conference attendees, but providing all slides, references, and additional materials online. The Pre-Congress slides are available online so check them out on the Conference Itinerary Builder at

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ccg posted Greetings everbody!

Anybody still need hotel accomodation for the event here in San Diego?

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Debra Duvall posted Arriving Early - What to do...

Hi! I will be arriving in San Diego on the 8th. Are there any events or gatherings prior to the 11th (I am attending the Chemotherapy/Biotherapy course) for those arriving early? If not, does anyone have any suggestions?

Anne Stricker: Hi Debra, San Diego is a lot of fun. Take the hop on hop off bus tour of the city, it hits all the major points of interest and will give you a good overview, you can then return to those areas that interest you like the Zoo, museums, Coronado island... [read more]

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Melissa Thebeau posted Roommate for congress

Hello everyone! I'm all registered for congress but am looking for a roommate to split the housing cost with me. Anyone interested?

Grace Udosen: How many do you need, i am interested
Melissa Thebeau: Hi Kathy and Grace! I'd love to split a room with either of you. Do you want to email me so we can discuss where and how much? I don't mind booking it and meeting you there. I'm coming from Florida. I'm happy to find a roommate! My email is mthebeau@... [read more]
Jacki Altfield: Hi everyone. I am still trying to find someone to room with at congress. Is anyone still looking. Jacki

Sat, Apr 24 at 1:56PM (4 comments)

Melissa Thebeau posted Roommate

Hi Kathy! I'd love to split a room with you. Do you want to email me so we can discuss where and how much? I don't mind booking it and meeting you there. I'm coming from Florida. I'm happy to find a roommate! My email is or my phone is 727-505-8393.

Jacki Altfield: Hi Melissa, I don't know if you ever found a roommate for congress, but I am still looking for one. Have you found one yet or do you know of anyone else that is looking? I'm coming from Atlanta but I am from Florida. Jacki

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Donna Cherkasky posted Meeting up

Margaret, Let's make sure to spend time together in San Diego. Glad you will be there, too. Donna

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Donna Cherkasky posted Extracurricular events

Hi Eric, This time I am NOT having anything that you bring in a bottle! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Donna

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Please join myself, and two great colleagues for a lively discussion on using Social Media with patients and family members, on Saturday at 2.30! We're going to have a live twitter feed to follow along. The hashtag to follow is: #ONSsocialmedia Don't know what a hashtag is? Never heard of a "live" twitter feed? Be the first on your block to know....!

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We want to extend an invitation to ask if you would like to be a moderator for one of the 18 abstract podium sessions and/or a moderator for one of the 7 moderated poster presentations taking place at Congress. If you are interested and want more information, please email us at Hurry, responses needed by April 29!

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Carl Brown posted Town Hall Meeting Questions

Hard to believe we are less than a month out from the 35th ONS Congress in San Diego. The Town Hall Meeting will be held Saturday, May 15th at 1200 immediately following the Business Meeting. The Town Hall Meeting is a great time for members to pose questions or concerns about ONS to the Board of Directors and Staff. You can either ask your questions in person or email them in advance to I'm looking forward to seeing you at Cong... [read more]

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Lisa Aiello-Laws posted Starting High Risk Program

Robi, I read your post. I hope you plan to come to the Genetics SIG meeting. We are having a discussion about GINA and you will meet many people who can be a resource to you as you start your High Risk program. If you can't make the SIG meeting, maybe we can plan to meet at another time. I look forward to meeting you! Lisa

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Sue Childress posted Countdown

Hi Everyone - I count 36 days until congress. As the congress team leader this year, it seems like we've been planning for a year. WAIT...we have been planning for a year. I am very excited to see it all come together. If anyone has questions for me, please ask and I will try to be good about checking in. See you in San Diego. I'm ready for warm weather, we keep getting snow in Utah.

Mary K. Hughes: I'm looking forward to meeting you at Congress. I'll keep my eyes open for you.

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Carrie Smith posted Lend a Helping Hand at Congress

Want to learn a little bit about how Congress works while helping the local chapter, the Congress Planning Team, and ONS staff? Volunteer to lend a hand in San Diego. Attendees are needed to help out at various locations during the conference. Interested in pitching in? Simply fill out our Congress Volunteer Form at

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Gina Mathews posted Alternative (Cheaper) Hotels

The hotels in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego are just a few minutes walk from the Convention Center and much more reasonably priced. My co-workers and I booked rooms using this website: We booked rooms at beautiful boutique hotel for $111/night - no need to share rooms at that price! For those really on a budget San Diego offers some good hostel and European style hotel bargains. (private room with shared bath)

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Grace Udosen posted Roommate for congress

I am excited about congress, but need a roommate to help pay the the hotel bill.

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